10 Wonderful Ways To Use Watermelon | Kitchen Daily

Whether you combine it with rum , tequila or gin , enjoy one of summer’s best fruits with a little alcohol! Image Credit: Getty Images 3/11 Salads Watermelon works as a salad base, particularly in this watermelon salad with feta and mint , but it can also make for a delightful addition to a bigger salad with goat cheese and watercress. Image Credit: Getty Images 4/11 Popsicles What is summer without a cold treat? Watermelon is a delicious popsicle flavor. You can even liven these up for parties and try Mojito-Watermelon Pops . Image Credit: Getty Images 5/11 Grilled Since grilling is the epitome of summer cooking, why not try it with fruit? Grilled watermelon can be a great appetizer with a little bit of Greek yogurt and lemon.
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