How Snack Makers Can Use A Third Party Food Testing Lab To Reach The Right Audience

This makes life much easier during our busy days. As the world is learning how to eat better for their health, snack makers are trying to make their products healthier. With nutritional labels such as gluten free , vegan, and other allergen statements, many snack companies are looking for ways to test their products to be more compliant with the growing health conscious consumers. ABC Research does many different analysis, including microbiological, chemical, and product performance. We are capable of doing sensory testing to make sure their new product will be well received by consumers. Our sensory testing includes: likeability, difference, preference, and descriptive analysis. In order to perform a sensory test for a client, we use trained and untrained panelist, of which are from a wide range of demographic background or focused demographics. We have 5 private bays with color masking lighting at our facility. ABC Research is also capable of assisting with analytical reports for research projects. If your business wants help with the production of a product, we can assist you. We have many experts in our company that can help with product development. We are problem solvers. Our nutritional labeling will help you when trying to get your product on the shelves of stores. We conduct nutritional testing by two methods. The first one is a full wet chemical analysis and gives the most accurate information on your product. The second method is a database analysis. The database method can only be done on certain products, and we would require additional information on your product to determine if we can do a database label. Our Nutritional Analysis and Labeling packagewill assist you in fulfilling the Nutrition Facts information necessary for mandatory requirements of the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act of 1990 (NLEA), and subsequent amendments. Our clients have found our nutritional analysis and labeling package to be convenient and economical as everything needed is included. Gluten testing and labeling has become more prevalent. This is most likely because of the celiac diagnosis that is more common now than ever before. However, no matter what the reason is, labeling this allergen is requested more now than ever before. We test for gluten in our lab and our detection limit is 3 ppm (3 parts per million) and to be considered gluten free the FDA requires that the product has a limit of no more than 20 ppm. If you have a new product you would like to have tested, or even an old product that you need to test for updated information, please feel free to contact me or any of our food testing experts to get more information.
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