Biotech Company Using Cell Lines From Aborted Babies In Food Enhancement Testing | News | Lifesite

That opinion cited the accommodation, which is available only to non-profits, as proof that the Obama administration had not used the least restrictive means possible when it imposed the HHS mandate on U.S. businesses, thus violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. However, the ruling explicitly stated that it was not ruling on the constitutionality of the HHS mandate itself. Click “like” if you are PRO-LIFE ! Those who are bound by our decisions usually believe they can take us at our word. Not so today, Sotomayor wrote on behalf of most of the Court’s liberal bloc. (Justice Stephen Breyer sided with the majority.) Sotomayor wrote that granting Wheaton a temporary exemption evinces disregard for even the newest of this Courts precedents and undermines confidence in this institution. She added that the new rule made it more difficult for the HHS to force insurance companies to provide contraception, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs and widening the number of groups seeking to exempt themselves from the process altogether.
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